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Data on parliamentary elections, including the background, candidates, voter turnout, results and the formation of the new legislature. By default the latest election results are displayed. Select a date to view results from previous elections


Election date(s) The date when elections started and ended for directly or indirectly elected parliaments/chambers. The date of appointments for appointed parliaments/chambers.
Timing of election Timing of election: Upon normal expiry; Early elections; Delayed elections
Upon normal expiry
Expected date of next elections The expected date at which the next elections should take place, based on law or practice.
Number of seats at stake Number of seats contested at the elections. Where the parliament/chamber is fully renewed, this number is usually identical to the statutory number of members. Where the parliament/chamber is partially renewed or appointed, the number of seats at stake is usually less than the total number of members.
Scope of elections Scope of elections: Full renewal; Partial renewal.
Full renewal

Voter turnout

Registration Number of people registered to vote


About the election Short description of the context and results of the election.
The Liberty and Refoundation Party (LIBRE) came first, winning 50 seats in the 128-member Congress – six more than the ruling National Party (PN). The Salvador de Honduras Party (PSH) took 10 seats. PSH is led by Mr. Salvador Nasralla and backed the presidential bid of Ms. Xiomara Castro (LIBRE, see note). Ms. Castro won the presidential elections held in parallel with the parliamentary polls, promising to tackle powerful drug trafficking gangs and liberalize strict abortion laws. Her election ended the PN’s 12-year rule in both the Congress and the presidency. 

On 27 January 2022, Ms. Castro was sworn in as President, thereby becoming the first woman in Honduras to assume the presidency. She succeeded President Juan Orlando Hernández (PN).

Ms. Castro is the wife of former President Manuel Zelaya. The military removed him from office in 2009, shortly after the Congress started impeachment proceedings against him.
Number of parties winning seats The number of parties which won parliamentary representation in the given election.
Percentage of seats won by largest party or coalition The percentage is calculated by dividing the number of seats won by the largest party by the number of seats at stake in the election.
Alternation of power after elections The results of the elections caused a change in the government. "Not applicable" to countries using the presidential system when parliamentary and presidential elections are held separately, to countries in political transition or where there is no party system.
Number of parties in government The government may be formed by one or more political parties
Names of parties in government The government may be formed by one or more political parties
Liberty and Refoundation Party (LIBRE), Salvador de Honduras Party (PSH)
Parties or coalitions winning seats
Political groups winning seats breakdown
Political group Total
Liberty and Refoundation Party (LIBRE) 50
National Party (PN) 44
Liberal Party (PL) 22
Salvador de Honduras Party (PSH) 10
Christian Democratic Party of Honduras (PDCH) 1
Anti-Corruption Party (PAC) 1
Members elected, by sex
Number of men elected
Number of women elected
Percentage of women elected The percentage is calculated by dividing the number of women elected in the election and the number of seats at stake at the election.
Other notes
Note on the expected date of next elections: 
In accordance with Article 159 of the Electoral Law, general elections take place on the last Sunday of November in the year before the constitutional period ends. 

Note on the First Speaker of the new legislature:
During the 2021 presidential elections, Ms. Castro reached an agreement with Mr. Nasralla (PSH), who stood aside from the race to support her candidacy. The agreement provided that the President of the Congress would be elected from the PSH, a decision contested by some LIBRE members. 
Two presidents of the Congress were elected prior to the first session of the newly elected legislature: Mr. Luis Redondo (PSH), who is backed by Ms. Castro; and Mr. Jorge Calix, nominated by LIBRE. The new legislature, which began on 25 January 2022, was paralyzed due to a row over its presidency.
Permanent Mission of the Republic of Honduras to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva (18.01.2022, 02.02.2022)
La Gaceta Num. 35,808 (28 de diciembre del 2021)
BBC Monitoring
Women Directly Elected

New legislature

Total number of men after the election The total number of male parliamentarians in this parliament/chamber following the election or renewal, regardless of their modes of designation.
Total number of women after the election The total number of female parliamentarians in this parliament/chamber following the election or renewal, regardless of their modes of designation.
Date of the first session The date when the newly elected parliament/chamber was convened for the first time. It may be different from the date when members were sworn in.
First Speaker of the new legislature
First Speaker of the new legislature First name of the Speaker of the new legislature following the election or renewal.
Luis Rolando Redondo Guifarro (Male)
Political party
Salvador de Honduras Party (PSH)
Date of election