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Data on parliamentary elections, including the background, candidates, voter turnout, results and the formation of the new legislature. By default the latest election results are displayed. Select a date to view results from previous elections


Election date(s) The date when elections started and ended for directly or indirectly elected parliaments/chambers. The date of appointments for appointed parliaments/chambers.
Timing of election Timing of election: Upon normal expiry; Early elections; Delayed elections
Delayed elections
Expected date of next elections The expected date at which the next elections should take place, based on law or practice.
Number of seats at stake Number of seats contested at the elections. Where the parliament/chamber is fully renewed, this number is usually identical to the statutory number of members. Where the parliament/chamber is partially renewed or appointed, the number of seats at stake is usually less than the total number of members.
Scope of elections Scope of elections: Full renewal; Partial renewal.
Full renewal


Total number of candidates Total number of people who registered as candidates for election. Does not include people who stood as candidates to become "substitute members".

Voter turnout

Registration Number of people registered to vote


About the election Short description of the context and results of the election.
President Andry Rajoelina’s Isika Rehetra Miaraka amin'i Andry Rajoelina (IRD, meaning “We Are All with Andry Rajoelina”) won the majority in the 151-member National Assembly, taking 84 seats. The Tiako I Madagasikara (TIM, “I Love Madagascar”) of former President Marc Ravalomanana came a distant second, with 16 seats. In addition, 46 independent candidates were elected. The newly elected National Assembly, convened in July 2019, unanimously elected Ms. Christine Razanamahasoa (IRD) as its new Speaker.

The elections in 2019 followed political turmoil, triggered by Parliament’s adoption of electoral laws in April 2018. Opposition parties had argued that some new measures, such as a shorter campaigning period and eligibility conditions for the presidency, would effectively exclude them from future presidential elections. TIM and MAPAR (the largest party in the outgoing legislature, supporting Mr. Rajoelina) filed a case at the High Constitutional Court (HCC) demanding that it remove President Hery Rajaonarimampianina from office. In May, the HCC annulled several measures in the electoral laws. In June, the HCC ordered the formation of a new consensus government within one week. Prime Minister Olivier Mahafaly resigned and was succeeded by Mr. Christian Ntsay. The latter’s candidacy had been proposed by the then opposition leader Mr. Rajoelina. The new Prime Minister called presidential elections for November and December 2018. Mr. Hery Rajaonarimampianina, who resigned in September to run for the presidential elections, was eliminated in the first round. Mr. Rajoeliena defeated Mr. Ravalomanana in the run-offs. Mr. Rajoelina was sworn in as President in January 2019.

In April 2019, President Rajoelina announced his plan to abolish the Senate and called a constitutional referendum in parallel with the parliamentary elections. However, the referendum was not held due to the unfavourable opinion of the HCC. On 25 May, shortly before the parliamentary elections, the HCC ruled that the presidential decree modifying the composition of the Senate was constitutional, thereby paving the way for the statutory number of members to be reduced from the current 63 to 18 (see note 2), which is yet to be implemented.

Note 1:
The five-year term of the outgoing legislature, started in February 2014, expired on 5 February 2019 and the President ruled the country by decree until the new legislature was convened in July 2019.

Note 2:
The current Senate comprises 42 senators (6 per province) elected by an electoral college and 21 members appointed by the President. The 2019 decree provides for 12 indirectly elected senators (2 per province) and 6 presidential appointees. The new statutory number will be applied after the end of the current Senate term in 2021.
Number of parties winning seats The number of parties which won parliamentary representation in the given election.
Percentage of seats won by largest party or coalition The percentage is calculated by dividing the number of seats won by the largest party by the number of seats at stake in the election.
Alternation of power after elections The results of the elections caused a change in the government. "Not applicable" to countries using the presidential system when parliamentary and presidential elections are held separately, to countries in political transition or where there is no party system.
Not applicable
Note on the alternation of power
The presidency changed between two elections.
Parties or coalitions winning seats
Political groups winning seats breakdown
Political group Total
Isika Rehetra Miaraka amin'i Andry Rajoelina (IRD) 84
Tiako I Madagasikara (TIM) 16
RPSD Vaovao 1
Independents 46
Members elected, by sex
Number of men elected
Number of women elected
Percentage of women elected The percentage is calculated by dividing the number of women elected in the election and the number of seats at stake at the election.
National Assembly (03.07.2019)
Radio France Internationale
BBC Monitoring
Le Monde
Midi Madagasikara
Women Directly Elected

New legislature

Total number of men after the election The total number of male parliamentarians in this parliament/chamber following the election or renewal, regardless of their modes of designation.
Total number of women after the election The total number of female parliamentarians in this parliament/chamber following the election or renewal, regardless of their modes of designation.
Date of the first session The date when the newly elected parliament/chamber was convened for the first time. It may be different from the date when members were sworn in.
First Speaker of the new legislature
First Speaker of the new legislature First name of the Speaker of the new legislature following the election or renewal.
Christine Razanamahasoa (Female)
Political party
Isika Rehetra Miaraka amin'i Andry Rajoelina (IRD)
Date of election