Historical data on women in national parliaments

Parline houses a myriad of historical data on women. Click on the below links to discover comparative data across countries on:

On individual chamber pages, visit the 'Data on Women' tab (located in the left-hand menu) to see data for each country alone.

IPU has tracked the percentage of women in national parliaments since 1945 and is the authority for this data.

Click here to download a historical dataset on the percentage of women in parliament between 1945-2018

Please note that the file includes data on countries or chambers that no longer exist and are therefore not featured in Parline now. Information on the percentage of women in national parliaments by month and year from 2019 to present can be found via the monthly ranking and global and regional averages pages. Such rankings and averages also exist for previous years on the IPU's archive website.

Click on images to check out comparative analyses between countries and annual studies that use Parline data to look at historical trends over decades.














*The IPU-UN Women in Poilitics maps also includes data on executive positions compiled by IPU based on data received from national governments, Permanent Missions to the United Nations and publicly available information.