Regional groupings

Countries, regions and sub-regions used in Parline

View and sort the list of countries, regions and sub-regions. Regional groupings are used to establish the regional averages of the percentage of women in parliament.

The Parliament of Sudan is currently suspended and does not appear in this list.


AmericasCaribbean, Central America, North America, South America
AsiaCentral Asia, East Asia, South Asia, South East Asia
EuropeCentral and Eastern Europe, Nordic countries, Southern Europe, Western Europe
Middle East and North AfricaMiddle East, North Africa
PacificAustralia and New Zealand, Pacific Islands
Sub-Saharan AfricaCentral Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa


Countrysort descendingRegionSub-region
AfghanistanAsiaSouth Asia
AlbaniaEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
AlgeriaMiddle East and North AfricaNorth Africa
AndorraEuropeWestern Europe
AngolaSub-Saharan AfricaSouthern Africa
Antigua and BarbudaAmericasCaribbean
ArgentinaAmericasSouth America
ArmeniaEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
AustraliaPacificAustralia and New Zealand
AustriaEuropeWestern Europe
AzerbaijanEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
BahrainMiddle East and North AfricaMiddle East
BangladeshAsiaSouth Asia
BelarusEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
BelgiumEuropeWestern Europe
BelizeAmericasCentral America
BeninSub-Saharan AfricaWest Africa
BhutanAsiaSouth Asia
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)AmericasSouth America
Bosnia and HerzegovinaEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
BotswanaSub-Saharan AfricaSouthern Africa
BrazilAmericasSouth America
Brunei DarussalamAsiaSouth East Asia
BulgariaEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
Burkina FasoSub-Saharan AfricaWest Africa
BurundiSub-Saharan AfricaCentral Africa
Cabo VerdeSub-Saharan AfricaWest Africa
CambodiaAsiaSouth East Asia
CameroonSub-Saharan AfricaCentral Africa
CanadaAmericasNorth America
Central African RepublicSub-Saharan AfricaCentral Africa
ChadSub-Saharan AfricaCentral Africa
ChileAmericasSouth America
ChinaAsiaEast Asia
ColombiaAmericasSouth America
ComorosSub-Saharan AfricaEast Africa
CongoSub-Saharan AfricaCentral Africa
Costa RicaAmericasCentral America
CroatiaEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
CyprusEuropeSouthern Europe
CzechiaEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
Côte d'IvoireSub-Saharan AfricaWest Africa
Democratic People's Republic of KoreaAsiaEast Asia
Democratic Republic of the CongoSub-Saharan AfricaCentral Africa
DenmarkEuropeNordic countries
DjiboutiSub-Saharan AfricaEast Africa
Dominican RepublicAmericasCaribbean
EcuadorAmericasSouth America
EgyptMiddle East and North AfricaMiddle East
El SalvadorAmericasCentral America
Equatorial GuineaSub-Saharan AfricaCentral Africa
EritreaSub-Saharan AfricaEast Africa
EstoniaEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
EswatiniSub-Saharan AfricaSouthern Africa
EthiopiaSub-Saharan AfricaEast Africa
FijiPacificPacific Islands
FinlandEuropeNordic countries
FranceEuropeWestern Europe
GabonSub-Saharan AfricaCentral Africa
Gambia (The)Sub-Saharan AfricaWest Africa
GeorgiaEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
GermanyEuropeWestern Europe
GhanaSub-Saharan AfricaWest Africa
GreeceEuropeSouthern Europe
GuatemalaAmericasCentral America
GuineaSub-Saharan AfricaWest Africa
Guinea-BissauSub-Saharan AfricaWest Africa
GuyanaAmericasSouth America
HondurasAmericasCentral America
HungaryEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
IcelandEuropeNordic countries
IndiaAsiaSouth Asia
IndonesiaAsiaSouth East Asia
Iran (Islamic Republic of)AsiaSouth Asia
IraqMiddle East and North AfricaMiddle East
IrelandEuropeWestern Europe
IsraelMiddle East and North AfricaMiddle East
ItalyEuropeSouthern Europe
JapanAsiaEast Asia
JordanMiddle East and North AfricaMiddle East
KazakhstanAsiaCentral Asia
KenyaSub-Saharan AfricaEast Africa
KiribatiPacificPacific Islands
KuwaitMiddle East and North AfricaMiddle East
KyrgyzstanAsiaCentral Asia
Lao People's Democratic RepublicAsiaSouth East Asia
LatviaEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
LebanonMiddle East and North AfricaMiddle East
LesothoSub-Saharan AfricaSouthern Africa
LiberiaSub-Saharan AfricaWest Africa
LibyaMiddle East and North AfricaNorth Africa
LiechtensteinEuropeWestern Europe
LithuaniaEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
LuxembourgEuropeWestern Europe
MadagascarSub-Saharan AfricaSouthern Africa
MalawiSub-Saharan AfricaSouthern Africa
MalaysiaAsiaSouth East Asia
MaldivesAsiaSouth Asia
MaliSub-Saharan AfricaWest Africa
MaltaEuropeSouthern Europe
Marshall IslandsPacificPacific Islands
MauritaniaMiddle East and North AfricaNorth Africa
MauritiusSub-Saharan AfricaSouthern Africa
MexicoAmericasNorth America
Micronesia (Federated States of)PacificPacific Islands
MonacoEuropeWestern Europe
MongoliaAsiaEast Asia
MontenegroEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
MoroccoMiddle East and North AfricaNorth Africa
MozambiqueSub-Saharan AfricaSouthern Africa
MyanmarAsiaSouth East Asia
NamibiaSub-Saharan AfricaSouthern Africa
NauruPacificPacific Islands
NepalAsiaSouth Asia
NetherlandsEuropeWestern Europe
New ZealandPacificAustralia and New Zealand
NicaraguaAmericasCentral America
NigerSub-Saharan AfricaWest Africa
NigeriaSub-Saharan AfricaWest Africa
North MacedoniaEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
NorwayEuropeNordic countries
OmanMiddle East and North AfricaMiddle East
PakistanAsiaSouth Asia
PalauPacificPacific Islands
PanamaAmericasCentral America
Papua New GuineaPacificPacific Islands
ParaguayAmericasSouth America
PeruAmericasSouth America
PhilippinesAsiaSouth East Asia
PolandEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
PortugalEuropeSouthern Europe
QatarMiddle East and North AfricaMiddle East
Republic of KoreaAsiaEast Asia
Republic of MoldovaEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
RomaniaEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
Russian FederationEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
RwandaSub-Saharan AfricaCentral Africa
Saint Kitts and NevisAmericasCaribbean
Saint LuciaAmericasCaribbean
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesAmericasCaribbean
SamoaPacificPacific Islands
San MarinoEuropeSouthern Europe
Sao Tome and PrincipeSub-Saharan AfricaCentral Africa
Saudi ArabiaMiddle East and North AfricaMiddle East
SenegalSub-Saharan AfricaWest Africa
SerbiaEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
SeychellesSub-Saharan AfricaSouthern Africa
Sierra LeoneSub-Saharan AfricaWest Africa
SingaporeAsiaSouth East Asia
SlovakiaEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
SloveniaEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
Solomon IslandsPacificPacific Islands
SomaliaSub-Saharan AfricaEast Africa
South AfricaSub-Saharan AfricaSouthern Africa
South SudanSub-Saharan AfricaEast Africa
SpainEuropeSouthern Europe
Sri LankaAsiaSouth Asia
SudanMiddle East and North AfricaNorth Africa
SurinameAmericasSouth America
SwedenEuropeNordic countries
SwitzerlandEuropeWestern Europe
Syrian Arab RepublicMiddle East and North AfricaMiddle East
TajikistanAsiaCentral Asia
ThailandAsiaSouth East Asia
Timor-LesteAsiaSouth East Asia
TogoSub-Saharan AfricaWest Africa
TongaPacificPacific Islands
Trinidad and TobagoAmericasCaribbean
TunisiaMiddle East and North AfricaNorth Africa
TurkmenistanAsiaCentral Asia
TuvaluPacificPacific Islands
TürkiyeEuropeSouthern Europe
UgandaSub-Saharan AfricaEast Africa
UkraineEuropeCentral and Eastern Europe
United Arab EmiratesMiddle East and North AfricaMiddle East
United KingdomEuropeWestern Europe
United Republic of TanzaniaSub-Saharan AfricaEast Africa
United States of AmericaAmericasNorth America
UruguayAmericasSouth America
UzbekistanAsiaCentral Asia
VanuatuPacificPacific Islands
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)AmericasSouth America
Viet NamAsiaSouth East Asia
YemenMiddle East and North AfricaMiddle East
ZambiaSub-Saharan AfricaSouthern Africa
ZimbabweSub-Saharan AfricaSouthern Africa