Data on age: Data tools

Comparative data

Parline houses a myriad of age-related data, including on the age of parliamentarians, Speakers and committee chairs, as well as the age of eligibility to serve and vote.

Click on the links below to view and export comparative data for selected topics. The star (*) indicates fields for which time-series data is available, to see changes over time. 


Export a historical dataset

The entire dataset on the age of parliamentarians is available for download.

Click here to download the dataset on the age of parliamentarians (last updated: 15 December 2023)

About the dataset:

  • Data on age is compiled by the Inter-Parliamentary Union on the basis of information provided by parliaments
  • The data refers to the age of parliamentarians at the start of the new legislature, following elections or renewal of the membership. Please note that the data is not updated during the legislature
  • Data is compiled according to the following age brackets: 18 - 20 , 21 - 30 , 31 - 40 , 41 - 45 , 46 - 50 , 51 - 60 , 61 - 70 , 71 - 80 , 81 - 90 , 91 and over
  • Data is disaggregated by sex
  • The dataset contains data following elections or renewals since 2014. This dataset will be updated by the IPU at regular intervals
  • The IPU does not collect individual-level data on the age of individual parliamentarians, with the exception of the Speaker and the youngest and oldest members

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Sustainable Development Goal indicator 16.7.1a

The IPU is the custodian of SDG indicator 16.7.1a : Proportions of positions (by age group and sex) in national legislatures. This data is housed in Parline and is disaggregated by sex and age (45 years or below) for the following positions:

  • All parliamentarians
  • Speakers
  • Chairs of selected parliamentary committees (defence, finance, foreign affairs, gender equality, human rights)

The data is published in the UN’s Global database for SDG indicators.

IPU publications on youth

The IPU publishes comparative analyses on the age of parliamentarians, notably the biannual report on youth participation in national parliaments.

Click on the images to view and download the publications.

Click here to learn more about the IPU's work on youth empowerment.